Tuesday, March 18

Bad news...

Hello, guys. c: I'm sorry I haven't been posting lately, but I kinda started my school year at a new school. I've been getting stressed out lately, and sometimes I
 Not on AJ for a whole week. I doubt anyone still reads this..... But if you do, please leave a comment to show that you kinda support me... I need support to keep me going. Thank you all, but.... I'm probably going to quit this Blog and delete it. I'm so so sorry about the extreme lack of posting, but....   I hardly ever get on AJ anymore, and when I do get on my computer, I usually work on a drawing..... I'll miss you guys, but until I know I have at least one person that cares, I'll start trying to post more often. And yes, I do read every one of your comments.

Friday, November 22

Pet Lawn Chair

Hello Jammers! Today's new item is the Pet Lawn Chair. :3
A really helpful item, actually! These new pet-sized items have really helped me on a Blog of mine! Shadow's Life... Anyway... Today is Fashion Friday! The Fashion for nonmembers is the Eagle!
Wolf-1000 gems 
Hat- 500 gems
Wings- Trade, Adventures, Sky High
And the Fashion Friday for members is... The Native Wolf!
Bird Mask thing- trade
Necklace- 1500 gems
Bow and arrows- Trade, adventures, Sky High
Leg armor- 80 gems
That's all Jammers! Thanks for following, commenting, and reading! :)

Thursday, November 21

Update everyone!!!! :)

Heeeello Jammers! To start out, the new item is... the returning Turkey Hat! Love this hat. XD
Anyway, the new update is today! It's one of the most cleverest ideas yet, I'd say! Here's the first page of the Jamaa Journal;
A Play-As-Your-Pet-Party? Pawsome! I'll do something about that soon. The next page is... Ice Armor?
Sweet! I love this so much! I want a set so baaaaad!!!! :( Anyway, continuing on...
You HAVE to watch that video! It's AMAZING! Oh, and, what's this? Deer?! AWESOME!!!!! I can't wait!
Ooh, I love the Jamaaliday gifts, and... don't forget about the double gems everyjammer!
And that Jump app teaser page! Argh, I wonder what it's like!
Play-as-your-pet Party
Here is a little tour of the Play-As-Your-Pet-Party!
So when you come in you sorta appear like this...
And there's a neat little toadstool fountain there!

Look at this cute little shop!

With items... Can't have a shop without them, huh?

And a music shop!

And... a castle! :3

And the pet stop.

 A silly comic. :P
Don't forget to look up! :3
 Ooh, a shop! I wonder what's in it!
Cool items!  
Here's what your name bar looks like;
Cute! ^.^
Ohh! I almost forgot! The pet wash. :3

And now for Thankful Thursday! 
I am thankful for Peck's Art Studio, because it lets Jammers express their art! 

What are you thankful for?
Happy Jamming, and see you in Jamaa! (\^.^

Wednesday, November 20

Woot Woo! Back to postin' everyone!

Like the title says, I'm back to posting! :) The new item today is the Underwater Goggles! o3o
So today is Wednesday Wonder! Has any Jammer ever wondered why AJHQ never mentions Mira anymore? It makes me really sad. :( They don't even mention her when making a new Jammer anymore! :(
Oh, AJHQ! I miss Mira so much! And I wonder why you took her away.
Happy Jamming everyone!